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Originating from the cold black soil of the Sanjiang Plain in Heilongjiang Province, 3 removal techniques: peeling / slag removal / deodorization

Fried chicken powder

Cooking steps: 1. Season the chicken cubes with salt, pepper and garlic, then prepare the wok. Add avocado oil to a wok and turn the heat to medium. When the pan is hot, add the chicken. When the chicken is fully cooked and no longer pink, remove from the pan and set aside. 2. Put the noodles into the boiling water, cover and let stand for 4 minutes, until the noodles are soaked, rinse with cold water, then drain the water for use. 3. Add 1 TSP oil to a hot pan and stir fry the broccoli for 2 minutes, then add the noodles with raw soy sauce, dark soy sauce, oyster sauce and sugar for 3 minutes, then add the chicken, chopped spring Onions and bean sprouts. Stir-fry again for 1 minute and serve.

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