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Originating from the cold black soil of the Sanjiang Plain in Heilongjiang Province, 3 removal techniques: peeling / slag removal / deodorization


[Integrity construction thousand miles] Jiamusi City suburb: integrity publicity into the enterprise integrity management into the people

In order to fully implement the spirit of the "Year of Enterprise Service", further promote the construction of a social credit system and create a good business environment. Recently, Jiamusi City Business Bureau joint suburban Business Bureau in-depth Jiamusi Dongmei Soybean Food Co., LTD., Jiamusi Ancheng Car Sales Service Co., LTD.


Leaders of the College of Biology and Agriculture visited enterprises deeply

On the morning of February 20th, Gao Wenxiang, Secretary of the Party Committee of College of Biology and Agriculture, and Liu Dejiang, vice president of College of Biology and Agriculture, investigated Jiamusi Dongmei Soybean Food Co., Ltd. to understand the employment needs of enterprises and discuss the technical cooperation between College and enterprises. Gao Wenxiang and Liu Dejiang asked Dong Liangjie, deputy general manager and senior engineer of Jimusi Dongmei Soybean Food Co., LTD., to learn more about the production and operation, technology research and development, staff and employment needs of the enterprise. They took the initiative to introduce the college's personnel training, teaching staff, graduates' employment and other conditions to the enterprise, and discussed to strengthen exchanges and cooperation with enterprises in personnel training, technology research and development. At the same time, it is hoped that enterprises can actively absorb the graduates of our institute for on-the-job internship, and jointly promote the employment of graduates in enterprises.


Jiamusi Dongmei Soybean Food Co., Ltd. visited the suburban epidemic prevention and control headquarters

On April 5, Jimusi Dongmei Soybean Food Co., Ltd. visited the epidemic prevention and control headquarters of our district to visit the epidemic prevention and control staff and bring sincere greetings to the staff involved in epidemic prevention and control.


The procuratorate of Jiamusi City, Heilongjiang Province, visited the NPC deputies listen to the speech and accept the remonstrance

Democracy and legal network news (reporter Stone can pure correspondent Peng Jiyong) December 24, Heilongjiang Jimusi City suburb people's Procuratorate Party secretary, acting chief prosecutor Sun Zhaohui visited enterprises, to the provincial People's Congress to solicit opinions and suggestions on the procuratorial work.


Suburban procurator-general visits provincial People's Congress representative to receive remonstrance warm words development

"Drinking a cup of hot bean flour in winter makes you feel warm all over." In recent years, prosecutors have provided high-quality services, and private companies have also felt the warmth. On December 9, Chen Qiang, secretary of the Party Group of the suburban Procuratorate and chief procurator, came to Jiaspi Dongmei Soybean Food Co., LTD., visited Dong Liangjie, deputy general manager of the provincial People's Congress and the company, communicated with Dong face to face, notified the work of the suburban procuratorate serving private enterprises and asked for opinions and suggestions on the procuratorial work.


Jiamusi Dongmei Soybean Food Co., LTD. The most beautiful green food enterprise

Jiamusi Dongmei Soybean Food Co., Ltd. was established in August 2001. It is a high-tech private enterprise specializing in the production of Dongmei soybean powder, soybean milk powder and soybean milk powder. The company is located in Jiamusi Economic and Technological Development Zone, Heilongjiang Province, with a registered capital of 10 million yuan, 160 employees and an annual output of 12,000 tons.


Domestic soybean "ride the wind and waves" behind: the price rose 26% in half a year processing enterprises face the speed of life and death

"This is no longer simply a rally, but a 'rocket ride'." Chen Yonghua, deputy general manager of Jimusi Dongmei Soybean Food Co., LTD., said, "For grain, fluctuations that may rise by tens of yuan are normal, but as soon as soybeans rise, they rise by 1,000 yuan to 1,500 yuan (per ton) (from the beginning of March to the end of May), which is already a very abnormal growth.


Dongmei is revitalized by scientific and technological innovation

Drying peeling, enzyme inactivation, pulp and slag separation, batching, sterilization, evaporation and concentration...... In Jiamusi Dongmei Soybean Food Co., LTD., the reporter saw the soybean into "Dongmei bean powder" 12 processes, more through the attitude of continuous innovation, full of technology, appreciate the Jiamusi city agricultural deep processing technology of the highest level.


A delegation of provincial High Court leaders visited provincial People's Congress deputies in the suburbs

On January 10, Gao Quan, director of the Trial Administration Office of Heilongjiang High People's Court, with Huo Changlin, director of the Trial Administration Office of Jiamusi Intermediate People's Court, and Wang Bin, president of the Jiamusi Suburban People's Court, visited Feng Jiawei, deputy of the provincial People's Congress and head of the Jiamusi Suburban government District. Provincial People's Congress, Jiamusi Dongmei Soybean Food Co., LTD. Deputy General manager Dong Liangjie.


Wang Guanglu

Wang Guanglu, born in July 1955, is a university graduate and a member of the Communist Party of China. From 1973 to 1977, he served in the 81263 Army of the People's Liberation Army and successively served as cashier and accountant of Xijiao livestock farm. Secretary of the Party General Branch and head of the Cow Feeding Farm of the Milk Company and the Monkey Shishan Fruit and Vegetable Breeding Farm; Branch Secretary and factory director of Dongmei Dairy Group, Chairman and General Manager of Jimusi Dongmei Soybean Food Co., LTD., with technical positions as political engineer, assistant accountant and public nutritionist.


Jiamusi Dongmei Soybean Food Co., Ltd. won the award in the 6th China International Soybean Food Processing Technology and Equipment Exhibition and the 1st China Soybean Food Festival

Chinese soybean food homogenization and copycat phenomenon is very prominent, enterprises urgently need to change from quality competition, brand competition to provide consumers with personalized services and consumption experience competition, in order to break through the lack of national strong brands and differentiated innovation development of the industry. In the face of increasingly refined market operation, enterprises should start from the perspective of consumers, increase research and development efforts to deepen the product line, increase the market competitiveness of products through innovative thinking, and build the core value of the enterprise brand. Heilongjiang Jiamusi Dongmei Soybean Food Co., Ltd. is a leader in the soybean food industry in China, and also a participant in the formulation of soybean powder standards. Since the restructuring in 2008, the company has built 13,000 square meters of plant in the new site of Jiamusi High-tech Development Zone, invested more than 70 million yuan to buy new equipment for upgrading, built a fully closed, national first-class soybean powder production workshop, recruited scientific research personnel, expanded the R&D team, increased the development of new products, and conducted extensive market survey, visit and consumption Fee, the development of consumer like products, has been developed winter plum series soybean powder products nearly 50, there have been 29 products have been approved to use green food logo, product marketing all over the country, and many times won the product innovation awards, welcomed by the majority of consumers. Jiamusi Dongmei Soybean Food Co., Ltd. has become a beautiful name card of Jiamusi agricultural products.


Jiamusi Dongmei Soybean Food Co. LTD

Enterprise introduction Jiamusi Dongmei Soybean Food Co., Ltd. is a high-tech private enterprise specializing in the production of Dongmei brand soybean powder, soybean milk powder, soybean milk powder, with an annual output of more than 12,000 tons. The company is located in Jiamusi Economic and Technological Development Zone, Heilongjiang Province, 50 kilometers to the east of the coal city Shuangyashan, 30 kilometers to the north of the coal city Hegang, and only 320 kilometers to the south of the provincial capital Harbin. The company is located on the main trunk line of Tongsan Expressway (Sanya, Hainan -- Tongjiang, Heilongjiang), with dense railway network and convenient transportation. The company has made great progress in recent years, is the National Development and Reform Commission, the Ministry of Finance fund support enterprise, national high-tech enterprise, the national green food demonstration enterprise, the State Administration for Industry and Commerce awarded "contract abiding and trustworthy enterprise", Heilongjiang Province famous brand enterprise, Heilongjiang Province famous brand product enterprise, Heilongjiang Province provincial agricultural industrialization key leading enterprise, Heilongjiang Province assured food enterprises, Heilongjiang Province consumer trust enterprises, Jiamusi AAA level integrity enterprises, Jiamusi City food safety integrity five-star enterprises, Jiamusi City science and technology progress first prize enterprise, Jiamusi city level integrity demonstration enterprises. Our company has passed a number of third-party authoritative certifications: The People's Republic of China export food production enterprise health registration, ISO22000 Food safety Management system certification, ISO9001 quality management system certification, SGS non-GMO IP supply chain inspection and assessment, International Halal food Halal Certification, ISO14001 Environmental management system certification, GB/T28001 Occupational Health and safety management system Authentication. Dongmei soy powder, soy milk powder, soy milk powder using three technology, completely peeling, slag, remove the odor, the main equipment integrates the advanced technology of the international first-class company, the production workshop is designed and built according to GMP standards, is a similar factory in the Northeast region of the larger purification workshop. The product is jointly developed by food experts of National Soybean Deep Processing Technology Research and Extension Center to ensure the high solubility and high absorptivity of the product. The company has a perfect quality inspection and monitoring quality control system, from the raw materials into the factory to the products are always in a controlled state, so that the final product is no impurities, no precipitation, no bean smell. The development direction of the company is to give full play to its geographical advantages, resource advantages and scientific and technological strength, achieve industrialization and market scale, and build a modern comprehensive enterprise in line with the needs of human diet in the 21st century. Basic information Enterprise name: Jiamusi Dongmei Soybean Food Co., LTD Enterprise legal person: Wang Guanglu Location: Sihe Village, Jiamusi Suburb, Heilongjiang Province Quality traceability contact person: Che Min Quality traceability enterprise internal management organization and personnel responsibilities Department head function Office Cao Hongying is responsible for: comprehensive, information input Planting department Responsible for: collection of production record information Production Department Liu Handi is responsible for: processing information collection Yang Zhenbo of the Warehousing Department is responsible for the information collection of raw materials Che Min of the Quality Control Department is responsible for: sampling inspection information collection of products Sales Department Jiao Ming Cream responsible for: product delivery information collection

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