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Originating from the cold black soil of the Sanjiang Plain in Heilongjiang Province, 3 removal techniques: peeling / slag removal / deodorization


Jiamusi Dongmei soybean Food Co., LTD. Network sales to help enterprises create brilliance

Jiamusi Dongmei Soybean Food Co., Ltd. set up an online sales information department in 2011, with five information specialists responsible for the company's product sales on the Internet. The company has grasped the characteristics of strong penetration of the Internet and outstanding supporting and leading role. In terms of online sales channels, the company cooperates with Alibaba Chengxin Tong, Alibaba AliExpress, Taobao, Tmall and Jingdong and other websites to realize the online sales model of "Internet + retail". In the network sales, the traditional sales model is combined with the establishment of dealer stores and agent sales stores to increase the popularity of products and sales channels. Halbin "Baokang food franchise store", Shanghai "Heyun food franchise store", Jimusi "Northeast man franchise store" for the enterprise main distribution stores, monthly sales of winter plum products each store are up to 90 thousand bags. In wechat marketing, enterprises have established micro shops. Through the Internet sales, the enterprise can realize the effective integration of resources with customers and suppliers, promote the optimization of resources and the rationalization of the industrial chain, improve the utilization level of resources, further expand the popularity of the enterprise's products, so that it can go abroad and go to the world.

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